Increase the weight of the rings, dumbbells and bars, or focus more on the repetitions of the exercise sets? What is the most effective type of training to develop and define the muscles of the body ? This doubt is normal and quite common for those who start to work out regularly, so it is necessary to pay attention to each physical activity, so that you do not give up on the gym even before the first results.

In general, weights increase strength and help define muscles, since repetitions are known to guide the intensity of training . For Physical Education teacher Diego Scalioni Divino, before choosing a series, it is necessary to take into account the particularity of each person, among them the physical, biochemical, physiological and functional differences:

“There is no pre-defined series for hypertrophy, the development of muscles, by the simple and most important principle of Physical Education: the principle of biological individuality. The one that tells us that there are no individuals exactly the same and because of that training must be individually prescribed for each practitioner “, analyzes the professional. Below, he answers other questions about the types of training, care and recommendations needed. Check out!

Strength or repetitions? What is the best workout to build muscle?

– Which is the most suitable: Weight or repetition series? Why?

“The smaller the number of repetitions, the greater the weight used in the exercise. One factor that works together is the type of fuel that the body uses for that determined number of repetitions. For example, for hypertrophy, the main fuel is muscle glycogen ( carbohydrate stored in the muscle), and its maximum use occurs in about 15 seconds up to around one minute. The repetitions in the bodybuilding only exist to help us to have a better control of the weights, that is, of the intensity. ”

– How long is it possible to notice the development of muscles during practice?

“Every physical result depends on three factors: dedication, attendance, and how much you want to get results. People who need to lose weight and adapt to dietary reeducation, for example, after 10 or 15 days, it is already possible to see a positive point, such as the reduction of swelling. It is worth remembering that everything depends on the quality of life provided by physical activity, since healthy eating corresponds to 70% of the results of sports practice. ”

– Are there any restrictions in practice for any particular group?

“There is no restriction, anyone can practice bodybuilding, always taking biological individuality into account, so that the person can achieve their goals.”

– What tips can you give to those who want to start this training?

“Carry out a medical and functional evaluation, look for a registered and licensed gym, wear suitable clothes and always carry a bottle of water. Also keep a light diet and set a weekly schedule and follow it like any other important appointment. ”



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