With the hottest days coming, there’s still time to stay in shape until summer arrives.

It’s happening again. The same thing that happened last year and the year before. Summer is coming and we are still not in the shape we want.

At Christmas we eat lots of calories with all the traditional sweets, on Valentine’s Day with all the loving gestures we add a few more inches to the waist. Not counting Easter and everything that comes before and after.

We only have a few months before the holidays by the pool.

How do we get fit in time for the summer? Do not be afraid. With these tips you still have time to be ready for the hot weather that comes.


Control your calorie intake

The weight loss is the goal of many before the summer. In winter we hibernate and feel comfortable eating, while the weather has given us the perfect alibi for not going to the gym. Many may not see the centimeters we have gained, but we know that it happened.

In order to lose weight we need to consider calorie intake . On average, the caloric intake for men should be no more than 2500 per day and for women 2000 per day. However it can vary depending on each person.

Counting calories can be tedious and boring, but if you want to lose a few inches you must take control of what you eat. Nowadays there are applications that you can use to control the calories ingested throughout the day, thus avoiding the use of paper and pen.

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Balanced and healthy diet

We are what we eat. If we are always eating junk food we will not feel well. Make changes to your diet and eat a balanced, nutritious diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, fiber, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

If you love sweets, cut back on excess sugar and try using a natural sweetener like honey. These healthy desserts are ideal for when you are in need of a sweet to liven up your day.


Drink about two to three liters of water a day to eliminate toxins from your body, moisturize your body and help to release excess waste. Studies show that increasing water consumption helps with weight loss. Hydration is essential for digestion, muscle function and lipolysis (fat metabolism).

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Regular Exercise

We all knew that this tip was coming. The man who made it to the top of the mountain didn’t land there, the same goes for getting fit in time for the summer. To achieve our goals, it is necessary to exercise regularly.

For those who have a very busy life and don’t have time to exercise every day, try adding short walks during lunch or on the way home, or attend 30-minute group classes at your club a few times week. Everything counts.

There are many ways to exercise today so we don’t lose motivation.

If you want to get fit in time for the summer and have fun at the same time, we suggest holistic suspension training which is a global approach that involves the physical and holistic components in one modality, to achieve general well-being as well as good toning.

We also advised the floatfit , a class of greater intensity, but with a low impact because it takes place in the water, lasts only 30 minutes and associates common boards, squats and more active movements with the challenge of balance on top of the platform.



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