The practice of physical exercises is essential for you to keep your health up to date, and make your body stronger, more resistant and beautiful. But, even though everyone knows this, few people perform daily training.

Are you one of those people who want to include physical activities in their routine, but don’t know where to start? Calm down, because we will help you! Check out our article, as we list the best physical exercises, and explain how to choose the ideal one for you.

How to choose the best exercise for you?

We know that choosing a physical exercise to practice daily is not an easy task, after all, there are countless types of activities, and you need to be very calm to evaluate them.

But, it is necessary to make this choice with certainty, because nobody deserves to wake up early to perform a physical activity that we don’t like, right?

The ideal is to combine the useful with the pleasant, or rather, obtain health and a sculptural body, together with an exercise that manages to provide you with fun, and plenty of pleasure.

To choose it, we recommend that you try to get to know yourself better, and analyze whether you prefer aerobic training, activities that require a lot of physical effort, or exercises that require a lot of concentration from the athlete.

So, if you prefer aerobic training , we recommend that you practice dance or jump, if you opt for activities of great physical effort, weight training or crossfit, or if you choose exercises that require a lot of concentration, we recommend fights, such as muay thai or jiu jitsu.

What are the best physical exercises to train?

  • walking


The walk is a very old physical exercise , after all to practice it just walk in places where you like for a long period.

This activity provides improvements for those who practice it, as it helps to improve cholesterol level, blood pressure, and even mood.

  • Cycling


If you like outdoor sports this is an excellent option, as it is possible to practice cycling in parks, bike paths, or in that super wooded place that you love.

To practice it is quite simple: you just have to have a bicycle, manage to guide it, and find a safe place to cycle.

This physical exercise is wonderful, because it is able to strengthen the muscles of your body, especially the legs, calf, and lower back, and even makes you burn calories, in order to provide that weight loss that you want so much.

  • Swimming


Nothing better than dawn the day and take a dip in the pool, right? This physical sport is considered one of the best to be done, because in addition to relaxing, it provides several benefits for the body, and especially for health.

In addition, this sport is known to be a complete exercise, as this is able to move all parts of our body, after all almost all muscles are moved during training.

This wonderful sport can provide you with weight reduction, increased heart rate, feelings of joy and improved mood, in addition to reducing the risk of stroke and diabetes.

So, if your goal is to get a lot of health, and still swim in the water daily, opt for swimming!

  • Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is one of the most popular physical training in Brazil, after all its results are surprising: it is possible in a few months to have a sculptural body, if you are focused on exercising daily.

This activity is ideal for those who want to gain lean mass, lose body fat, obtain a correct posture of the spine, improve the flexibility and resistance of the body, and also shape it.

In addition, weight training is able to prevent diseases such as arthritis, obesity and diabetes. So, if you want to escape from these problems, we recommend that you enroll in the gym soon!

  • Pilates


This sport is considered the darling of the ladies in the gyms. This is because pilates provides several benefits for the body, from improvements in the breathing process, to increased flexibility and resistance.

Not to mention that, if you have back problems, pilates is the best activity to treat this condition.

  • Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is not a well-known physical training in Brazil, but it provides several benefits for the body and mind, as it is able to relax your entire body, and still ends with the feeling of stress and anxiety.

This Chinese martial art is ideal for those looking for exercises that require concentration, and want to know new and interesting things, after all this activity has several teachings, which go far beyond just the practice of training.

Care to make exercise physical

It is necessary that you use extreme caution when practicing exercises physical , as these can provide beauty and strength to your body, but if performed incorrectly, may lead to the development of serious health problems.

Therefore, we recommend that you try to carry out a medical evaluation, through tests and diagnoses performed by professionals, so that any health problem that your body may have is detected.

If you have it, the ideal is to treat it first, and then start doing some training, as it is necessary that you are in good health to start the practice of physical activities. Unless it helps in your treatment indicated by the doctor.

So, following all our tips , have no doubt that you will exercise in a much healthier way, and will be able to get all the results you want.

Have you already chosen which physical exercise to include in your routine? Also, do you have any other training tips to share with us? Comment below, as we and our readers will love to discover!



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