We leave you 5 tips in case you have made the decision to sign up for a gym.

The evolution of the fitness world has been rampant in recent years. The number of practitioners has been increasing year after year. With this, doubts and myths in relation to the practice arise.

1. Organize life in relation to the Gym

organize gym life

There is a great difficulty among most gym-goers to maintain a training routine . Most of the time due to lack of organization of his agenda in relation to this fact. If you really want to change your life with regard to this aspect, more than enrolling in a gym, you have to attend it. Lay out your schedule and reserve days and hours for practice, and from then on, sign up.

2. Consult a Nutritionist

gym nutritionist

In order to have a healthy life and results obtained from physical exercise, there are three very important pillars: exercise, diet and rest. As good as your training is, as often as you go to the gym and as good as your personal trainer is , if your diet does not meet the above factors, it is very likely that your goals are a utopia. In this sense, counseling with a nutrition professional will always be beneficial.

3. Localized training, does it lose localized weight?

localized workout lose weight

Unfortunately when we get fat we can’t choose where the fat goes, it will depend on many factors. In that sense, when we lose weight, we cannot choose where to lose, no matter how much we stimulate certain areas, it will be the management of our organism.

In this sense, if you invest in training in the abdominal area, for example, as the only way to lose that localized fat, what will happen is to work / stimulate the muscles and not the fat, since fat is an inert mass. In addition, it can cause fatigue in certain structures leading to injuries . When opting for cardiovascular exercises, exercises that involve large muscle groups will lead to greater energy expenditure, that is, working globally to lose specific.

4. Is heating important?


Warm-up is important for several reasons, both at the myo-articular level and at cardiorespiratory adaptation. In the first case, the work of mobility and muscle activation will be important for pre-muscle and joint activation. With regard to the second point, it will be important to have the body with the highest temperature, the highest heart rate as well as other metabolic processes aligned. With this, the risk of injury will be minimized in both aspects.

5. Fear of becoming too muscular


This is a myth / fear present most often in women. Our body is not mutant, it does not change from one moment to the next, it takes time to adapt. Physical changes take time, in the case of women, testosterone production is ten times less than that of men at rest, so if a man takes time to gain significant muscle mass, a woman will take ten times more. If it happens in either case, you will have time to adapt your training to the objectives. For those who are starting to train less, you should have this aspect, because there will be many primary adaptations before the “very muscular” appears.



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