Recent research shows that by making small changes in your eating habits it is possible to achieve greater weight loss. Nutritionist Tamara Duker-Freeman listed 8 tips for losing extra pounds during the diet to Cosmopolitan magazine . Check out.

Don’t drink your calories
The calories in wine, coffee with whipped cream and soda are not recorded by the brain’s satiety center. So, you end up ingesting the same amount of solids no matter how much you drank. If you don’t give up a cup of coffee, make sure it comes without syrups, syrups or creams.

Use yogurt
If you are making a recipe that asks for cream, try swapping it for a product with fewer calories like yogurt. It has a cream texture but has far fewer calories.

Eat the vegetables first
According to the survey, people eat more of the food that gets to the plate first, regardless of what the food is. So, start your meal with the least caloric components like vegetables and legumes, then move on to protein and then eat the carbs.

Change the pasta
Try replacing half or more of your pasta dish with pumpkin spaghetti. A cup of normal spaghetti has about 240 calories, while pumpkin spaghetti has only 40.

Eat open sandwiches
Dispensing a slice of bread can save at least 80 calories per sandwich. Another tip is to exchange the mayonnaise for the one shown, thus saving about 90 calories per tablespoon.

Sweeten your yogurt
Instead of buying flavored yogurt, which is usually pre-sweetened with a ton of sugar, buy plain yogurt and sweetener yourself. Add fruit or a teaspoon of honey to flavor the product.

Do not season the salad
Dip your fork in your salad dressing instead of throwing it over the leaves. That way you will use less sauce, which can have more than 100 calories per tablespoon.

Swap snacks for pickles
If you love crispy snacks, have pickles in the fridge to replace these industrialized products. Each pickle has only 4 calories, however, its consumption should not be exaggerated since it has large amounts of salt that can cause bloating.