Now that you know you can build muscle with your biotype, it’s time to get to know 8 surefire tips to apply when training. Check out:

1- The best strategy

The first thing you need to understand is that your genetics is not a limiter for achieving results, it is not because it is an Ectomorph that it will prevent you from building muscle. However, do not entertain false expectations or unrealistic goals, thinking that you will train a few weeks and be like HULK.
Ectomorphs encounter more difficult results and usually take longer to build muscle. Everything is slower in this process, so the best strategy is to be patient. Most people cannot get where they want to because they give up before they get there. You’re not like most people, are you?

2- Create your foundation

Doing a good basic phase of training is very important for success, betting on exercises for large muscle groups, basic exercises in weight training, not worrying about small groups right now. Improving the execution technique and evolving gradually is very important for the future of your training.

3- Less is More

If you are Ectomorph use the principle of less is more, try to train with more quality, that is, more intensity and less volume, or duration of each session. Long and very exhausting workouts are not interesting for muscle development and favor catabolism.

4- Slowly and always

Don’t be in a hurry at the time of training, performing exercises with slow speed is an excellent way to break more fibers in tension training. The concept of time under tension is very important in the application of training, especially for Ectomorphic individuals.

5- Total Control

During the execution of each exercise, invest in controlling intervals between sets. Promoting longer intervals (between 60 and 90 sec) are interesting to leave the program with more hypertrophic characteristics. Don’t be distracted during workouts and keep everything under absolute control.

6- Advanced systems

In more advanced stages of your training program, it is important to use a range of advanced training systems to promote greater breakdown of muscle fibers. Dropsets, Rest Pause, Bi- sets, among others, are very welcome at certain stages of your planning.

7- Let your muscles grow in

Rest between training sessions and a division of muscle groups throughout the week are key factors for any bodybuilding program. In ectomorphs, who already have difficulty in muscle development, more attention should be paid to this. Training every day or emphasizing more than a few muscle groups can undermine your results and prevent progress.

8- Planning is necessary

Without a doubt, the best way to achieve results is to create a planned and individualized schedule. Thinking about a program according to its characteristics, not only physical, but also behavioral, can be the balance between success and failure. It is no wonder that high-performance athletes such as bodybuilders work with planned training cycles. This requires the help of a trained and experienced professional in the prescription of training and in the monitoring of this entire process.



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