1. Mobile applications- There are many free applications for smartphones that give you tips for maintaining a good diet or even with exercise programs that you can do at home. You can find applications for weight training, running, gymnastics or any other modality. Some of them are Nike Training Club , Daily Workouts free or, in another register, Pocket yoga . This will keep you in shape without having to spend money on gyms or personal trainers.

2. Low Cost Meals- Start preparing healthier meals at a good price. When shopping, compare the prices of healthier foods, bet on vegetables and fish! Also search for ideas and inspirations for these meals for example on blogs with healthy foods.

3. Replacing meals with shakes- Protein shakes are a good option for those who exercise and want to lose weight. You can replace one of your meals with one of these shakes, for example, dinner. But of course you have to add some foods with vitamins and nutrients such as fruit, seeds and cereals to your smoothies. When you do the math you will see that at the end of the month you saved some money.

4. Videos on the Internet- On Youtube you can find lots of training videos that you can use to do workouts at home while watching them. It is another way to exercise without having to spend money on gyms.

5. Run- It’s good for everything! The body thanks you and the mind also, running is not only a physical exercise that works all the muscles of our body, it also helps to unwind and relieve stress. Run regularly in gardens or places in your city that are suitable for this. Plus it’s free.

6. Walking – It is a good alternative for those who do not like to run, it has the same effects, only not so immediately.

7. Cycling – A bicycle is something that many people have in the garage or in the storage room, what was the last time you rode in yours? It is good for weight loss and with bike paths it is already easier to practice this modality through the cities in a peaceful way. It is a good option for a weekend tour.

8. Avoid restaurants- In addition to saving money, doing at home is always healthier as you can 100% control the food and the way you cook it.



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