Tips for places to eat well and healthy in Orlando

Check out restaurants, eateries and places where you can eat healthy food in Orlando. One of the main concerns of those who go to Orlando and Disney is about how to maintain a healthy diet, within all this environment, since we always hear that in the United States everything is more greasy, caloric and as a snack. We have come to deny these claims and bring several options for where to eat healthy food while in Orlando! Fortunately, there are several places that offer healthy food and often inside restaurants that specialize in heavier snacks. Here are some tips for eating well in Orlando.

Harambe Fruit Market at Disney Animal kingdom park

And after seeing all the tips on where to eat healthy food in Orlando, a nice tip to enjoy your trip much more is to also see the article on  how to save a lot in Orlando . These are unmissable tips that will save you a lot of money throughout your trip with important information and excellent price comparators that will make you find the best price in all planning and save a lot in Orlando theme parks. You can save a lot.

If you prefer, go straight to each topic in this article:

  • 1 First Watch Restaurant in Orlando
  • 2 Crispers Restaurant in Orlando
  • 3 Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant in Orlando
  • 4 Healthy food in the parks in Orlando
  • 5 Extra tip for healthy eating every day in Orlando
  • 6 Tips for using your cell phone in Orlando
  • 7 Tips to enjoy your trip to Disney and Orlando much more
  • 8 Don’t forget International Travel Insurance

First Watch Restaurant in Orlando

Fish Watch is one of the healthiest restaurants to eat in Orlando, with breakfast options that include whole-grain pasta, yogurt, cereal and other things. Very tasty options for those who want to escape the fast food of Orlando, with very healthy foods.

Where to eat healthy food in Orlando: First Watch restaurant

Crispers Restaurant in Orlando

Discover the delicious Crispers restaurant in Orlando, which offers fast and healthy food for those who want to eat well. Crispers is a natural fast-food restaurant that, after all, has a low and super fair price. There are several types of salads, wraps, soups or natural sandwiches, among other foods, that you can choose from – an excellent option for those who want to eat healthy food in Orlando, without any conscience. Crispers’ customers can assemble their dish on the spot and, due to the speed associated with the beautiful flavor, it has become a very famous healthy restaurant that is worth visiting.

Where to eat healthy food in Orlando: Crispers restaurant

Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant in Orlando

Sweet Tomatoes is another restaurant recommended for those who want to eat healthy food in Orlando. You can eat American food, gluten-free, vegan, soups … You can have super healthy food there, as it is one of the  vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Orlando .

Where to eat healthy food in Orlando: Sweet Tomatoes restaurant

Healthy food in the parks in Orlando

If you are with family, friends, or any group, it may be more difficult to just go to health food restaurants. But this is not a problem! In most Orlando restaurants, and that includes parks, there are healthier options from simple salads to more sophisticated dishes that include fish, vegetables and legumes. That is, even in fast-food places and “less healthy” foods, you will be able to eat well in Orlando.

Where to eat healthy food in Orlando: Disney salad

Extra tip for healthy eating every day in Orlando

For those who are going to spend their days in the parks, or exploring a city near Orlando, or even shopping and sightseeing where you don’t want to waste time stopping every hour to eat, the tip is to stop by the incredible Whole Foods supermarket in Orlando , from organic and healthy food. It has vegan foods, gluten-free foods, that is, an option for all types of diet and for those who want to eat healthy food in Orlando. Be sure to stop by Whole Foods, as it will help you a lot on the trip – and take the opportunity to try the snacks and berries you don’t find in Brazil.

Where to eat healthy food in Orlando: Whole Foods supermarket

Tips for using your cell phone in Orlando

A very useful tip is for you to be able to use your cell phone at will in Orlando and Disney, as it ends up making your life much easier with the internet working. You can use the Disney, Universal and amusement park apps that are amazing and help you plan your entire day inside the parks, see the queues and book restaurants. Using your cell phone is very useful throughout your trip, such as when shopping to be able to use discount coupon apps, search the addresses of stores, malls and outlets, and communicate with whoever is with you within the huge shopping centers. shopping. And you can research everything on where to eat healthy food in Orlando.

Universal Orlando app

And in the end the bill will come out more than free, because you will save about 90 dollars for not needing to rent a GPS for the car, as you can use the cell phone, and you can still search the addresses and times of the places, see the weather forecast to plan for tours and parks, and of course to stay connected with everyone through apps and post your photos of the trip to Orlando and Disney on social networks. If you want to know more, see the article on how to use your cell phone at ease in Orlando . There is a super cheap American chip that is great, they deliver to your home in Brazil and you use your phone at will there in Florida.

Tips to enjoy your trip to Disney and Orlando much more

Now that we’ve given you all the tips on where to eat healthy food in Orlando, here are some more tips that will make your trip to Disney and Orlando even better. Orlando is a big city and its amusement parks and outlets are well distributed, so being well located and close to the main sights makes all the difference. If you haven’t already booked your hotel, be sure to check out our article on  where to stay in Orlando , with tips from the best regions and also how to get a great hotel at a great price (and find great hotels on sale). You will stay in the best region, close to all shops, malls and outlets, and enjoy your trip much more. Even though it is well located, be sure to rent a car in Orlando.

Where to stay in Orlando and Disney

Another important tip is to be sure to rent a car in Orlando. Outlets, shopping malls, Disney and amusement parks are not so close, and with the car you can get anywhere in less than 20 minutes. And for shopping the car is even more essential. If you want, see our full Orlando car rental story   with everything you need to know and how to get amazing prices using great price comparators and getting cars on sale. It is much cheaper than people think and it is very worthwhile to enjoy your vacation even more. And with the car you can travel to the beaches that are close to Orlando or go to Miami that is less than 4 hours away. The trip to Orlando is one of the trips that the car is most important and the most help in everyday life.

Don’t forget the International Travel Insurance

Another tip is not to forget to take the International Travel Insurance at all, as it is very important and nobody should leave Brazil without taking one. If you want, see our Travel Insurance article for Orlando and the USA and see tips on how to get good insurance and getting an incredible price. It is super cheap and very worth it.



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