The evolution of cell phones has transformed the devices into allies for various day-to-day activities – including exercise. Those who have discipline can train almost anywhere , following application recommendations. So we selected the best  fitness apps available on the App Store and Google Play to give that boost to those who want to train and still don’t know how to start.

Many of them have paid versions with extra features and benefits, but their free versions satisfy the vast majority of users. Practicing physical activity regularly increases cardiorespiratory endurance and  happiness , decreases the risks of developing heart disease  and  depression , in addition to many other  benefits that sport brings to life.

Best fitness apps

Android and iOS

Nike Training Club

There are more than 160 workouts available (free) and you can choose between strength or endurance and mobility exercises – there’s even yoga. There are 15 to 45 minutes of training, separated by levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

You can either do it in the living room, without any weight, or at the gym, using the equipment. The coolest thing about this app is the existence of content created by great sports stars sponsored by Nike, like Michael Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo and Serena Williams.

Compatible for syncing with Google Fit and Apple Health.

Freeletics Bodyweight

Freeletics Bodyweyght offers more than 1,000 training variations with your own body weight, many focused on high intensity workouts – no wonder, the app is one of the most popular in the world. It has a premium (paid) section, where you can create personalized exercise plans and consult a nutrition guide.

There is also Freeletics Running, but the running version does not have the same variety of options as the ‘brother’. In this, the focus is on fitness gain and weight loss.


More than an app, this is the name of a series of programs. Runtastic was born as a race monitor, and that’s where much of its fame comes from, but there are already family apps dedicated to other specific exercises, such as push-ups, sit-ups and squats. It also has integration with Google Fit and MyFitnessPal.


For those who want to interact with friends, this is one of the best fitness apps. You can record videos for your friends (and vice versa) and most of the app is free. In the paid version, you gain some benefits, such as the creation of a personal training plan, heart rate analysis and the absence of advertisements.


One of the best fitness apps for those who already have a planned training routine and just need to get organized. FitNotes is a free (ad-free) app that includes an exercise database to help you categorize your workouts properly, and set up a workout log to track what you’re doing and create custom exercise routines.

Google Fit

It has features added frequently – which has greatly improved it recently. The best feature is its complete and total integration with Wear OS, which makes it an unmissable option for anyone who wears a smartwatch. Totally free, it shows the user  statistics for analysis and goals to be achieved. The language in which this information is displayed also makes life easier for those who are just beginning

Home Workout

It is one of the simplest training apps on Android and iOS. Some of the features include warm-up exercises, a chart to track progress, video and animation guides, and social features. The developer, Leap Fitness Group, also has other specific exercise apps, like one for the arms only and one for the abdomen.

IOS only

30 day challenge

Exercises at home, ideal for anyone, anytime. The 30-Day Fitness Challenge increases the intensity of your exercise step by step, so you can easily maintain a daily workout. It has abdominal, full body and butt challenges, with workouts divided by fitness levels  – synchronizes with Apple Health.



5-minute home workouts

The app proposes 5-minute exercises divided into six categories: abdomen, fat loss, glutes and legs, chest and arms, yoga and pilates. The breaks are timed to ensure that workouts do not take more than 5 minutes. T ll exercises have detailed instructions and clear 3D animations.

There are 12 sessions and 42 different exercises that give enough variety to anyone. The paid version has a monthly or annual subscription charged to the iTunes account.


Abdominal Sworkit & Core Trainer

This is one of the best fitness apps to achieve a defined abdomen. All exercises are for the core and back region. It is part of the Sworkit family, which offers  personalized training from a selection of categories: strength, circulation, yoga and stretching for the whole body.

Lose Weight in 30 Days at Home 

Fitness apps for training at home are most useful if they have links with nutrition tips, such as Lose Weight in 30 days. It includes workouts but also offers hundreds of diets and a calorie counting tool.

The suggested exercises do not require equipment, so you can exercise easily at home or anywhere else. You can set goals for self-motivation. As the intensity of the exercises gradually increases, be sure to take a break every three days for your body to get used to it.



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