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If you want to lose weight , do not know where to start and intend to go for “all or nothing”, wait a little and reflect. Is it worth risking your health to get thin quickly? Think about it, isn’t it time to adopt a healthy diet ?

Our body, when it enters a high dietary restriction, does not understand what is happening. He cannot distinguish whether the energy deficiency in food is because we want to lose weight or if we hope to be healthier.

Imagine yourself in the desert, where there is little food, little water. What will happen when you find food and drink? You will feel like devouring the world and eating everything you see ahead, won’t you? Nothing more natural, since our organism understands that we must prepare for the next restriction, storing a part of what we eat, which makes weight loss difficult.

What does that mean? That high dietary restrictions are not good for you, it is definitely not healthy eating and will not help you eliminate weight healthily let alone help you in the maintenance period.

So, forget about “all or nothing” and follow the next 60 tips so you can have a healthy diet and a better life.

1. Avoid miracle diets where there is a great deal of weight loss in a short period of time.

2. Do not eat a diet based on a single type of food or nutrient.

3. Even if you overdid it in the previous days, eat at least 5 meals a day.

4. Small snacks between main meals will avoid the urge to devour the first dish you come across.

5. Do not pinch between meals.

6. Forget snacks (salty snacks) and stuffed cookies.

7. Leave a whole grain cookie in the office drawer (eat a maximum of 3 units).

8. Fruits and light yogurts are excellent snacks.

9. If you feel like eating a candy, eat it. But remember: only one piece or unit. This is better than devouring a box of candy at the end of the day.

10. Always start your meal with a neat salad plate.

11. Avoid using oils to season salads. Use vinegar or lemon juice.

12. Noodles are allowed, but be careful with the sauce.

13. White sauce, four cheeses, bolognese are much more caloric when compared to sugo. So don’t abuse it!

14. Do not repeat the meal.

15. Avoid drinking sodas, even light or diet ones.

16. Avoid carbonated water. Sparkling drinks dilate the stomach giving a false feeling of satiety.

17. Isotonic drinks should be avoided. They are caloric and, for non-athletes, water is still the best moisturizer.

18. Prefer natural juices.

19. Use sweetener in juices and coffee.

20. Drink a maximum of 4 small cups of coffee a day.

21. Drink plenty of water during the day. At least 1.5 liters or 8 glasses.

22. Always carry a cereal bar in your bag. When the urge to eat something hits, you already know what to turn to.

23. Eat vegetables every day.

24. Eat at least 2 fruits daily.

25. Prefer plums, watermelons, melons, strawberries that are less caloric.

26. Watch out for dried fruits. Because they are dehydrated it is easy to ingest more calories with the natural ones.

27. Eat less caloric meats such as fish, chicken (breast), turkey, duckling, meatloaf.

28. Watch out for salmon. It has more calories than other fish.

29. Remove the birds’ skin. It basically contains fat.

30. Avoid tuna and sardines preserved in oil. There is already the light version.

31. Kids and offal are rich in saturated fats. So, minimize the consumption of these foods.

32. Remove the visible fat from the meat, such as that of the picanha.

33. Avoid fried foods. Give preference to grilled or baked.

34. Sausages (bologna, ham, salami) should be avoided.

35. Canned goods are high in sodium; so, prefer natural foods.

36. Butter, sour cream, whipped cream, rotten dough are high in calories and cholesterol. Avoid them.

37. Yellow cheeses (mozzarella, provolone, dish, parmesan) should be avoided.

38. Give preference to white cheeses such as mine, fresal, ricotta and cottage cheese.

39. Avoid au gratin preparations.

40. Give preference to low-fat foods like milk and yogurt.

41. If you don’t have good acceptance for skimmed milk, stick with semi-skimmed milk.

42. Avoid chocolates, including diet.

43. Eat fiber-rich foods such as vegetables and fruits.

44. Consume apple, pear, grape with the skin.

45. Pizza prefer the less caloric ones like escarole, arugula, mozzarella. But stay only in the first bite.

46. ​​Dried tomatoes, as they are preserved in oil, should be avoided.

47. Alcoholic beverages are caloric. Consume sporadically and in small quantities.

48. A glass of wine daily is good for your health. But nothing will help if you are not in the habit of good nutrition and are sedentary.

49. In bars, avoid snacks such as peanuts, fries, cashews, dried meat or snacks.

50. Avoid fast food. The foods served are usually high in fat.

51. If there is no way out, choose a unit of cheeseburger, light soda and small fries. Dispense dessert.

52. In restaurants by the pound, go through all the options first before choosing foods. This will avoid exaggeration.

53. For dessert, choose seasonal fruits.

54. Avoid ice cream. Opt for fruit popsicles.

55. In ice cream shop per kilo, prefer fruit ice cream. Pass straight through the toppings and whipped cream.

56. Never go to the supermarket hungry. Always go after a meal. This will avoid to take candies, chocolates and snacks.

57. Don’t buy foods that should be avoided.

58. Compare food labels and make sure light and diet are less caloric. This is not always true.

59. Never accumulate hunger. So leave chopped vegetables (carrot, cucumber, celery) and diet gelatin in the refrigerator. They will not hurt your weight loss.

And finally, this tip is worth:

60. Get moving !! You don’t have to go to the gym! Walking 3 times a week through the neighborhood, for 40 minutes each session, will help you to be healthier!



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