The new coronavirus pandemic is changing the lives of many people. Due to the recommendations of social isolation to contain the spread of covid-19, mainly, the elderly and other risk groups avoid leaving home. Some companies are already releasing employees for home office and those infected face the quarantine in solitude so as not to spread the disease.

Thus, the doctor and fitness model Camilla Lewin gives some suggestions of simple physical exercises to do at home and to acquire resistance, disposition and occupy the mind in the face of this situation. The tips are also valid for those who frequent the gym, but are avoiding the place that offers risk due to the intense relay of the weight machines. Check it out below:


The squat is very good for improving posture, strengthening the thigh muscles, defining the glutes and helping to have a healed belly. It is certainly one of the most complete exercises out there and it is easy to do. To perform the exercise, you need to separate your feet hip-width apart and put your arms forward, flex your knees and squat, do three sets of 20 squats with a 30 second interval between one set and another.

Arm flexion

Using the weight of your own body, the push-up strengthens the upper part, ensuring a firmer bicep. Do the plank position as in the image below, stretch and position your arms a slightly greater distance than shoulder width, let your feet together and knee resting on the floor. Lower the trunk until the chest almost touches the ground and then return to the starting position. Do three sets of 20, with a pause time of 30 seconds.


This exercise uses the weight of the body itself to strengthen the legs, arms and to dry the belly. It must be done on a flat, hard surface. Stand with your legs positioned parallel to each other and slightly apart, place your hand on your hips, step forward with your right foot and let your left foot slightly up, bend both knees at the same time, keep your spine upright and the contracted abdomen as in the image below. Repeat this activity about 20 times on each leg.


The board is an exercise in concentration of strength, you must stay for a firm period of time and balancing the weight of the body on your arms and feet. Support your elbows and forearms on the floor and line up your shoulder, support your toes on the floor and line up your elbows. You should stay upright and contract your abdomen, stay in this position for 15 seconds and repeat at least three times.


This aerobic exercise makes a good part of the body move, accelerating the burning of body fat and metabolism, resulting in weight loss. Stand on a flat surface and keep your feet together with your hands resting on your hips, bend your knees and jump slightly in the air, spread your legs shoulder-width apart and raise your arms above your head, as in the image below. Repeat this exercise three times with a 20-second pause.


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