Nutritionist Ivana Cobe stated that radical diets are not considered healthy and can have an accordion effect

Change once and for all! To lose weight even, the tip is to think beyond the summer. According to weight loss expert Edivana Poltronieri, many people are looking for quick and “miraculous” alternatives to lose a few pounds before the hottest season of the year and then stick it in the jackfruit again.

“There is no problem in wanting to lose weight for the summer, as long as the person uses it as the first step in a healthy and sustainable change. The slender body will only be a consequence “, explained Edivana.

Edivana Poltronieri also warned of the risks of seeking only quick results. “The person will be focused on losing weight for a certain time, making all kinds of efforts until reaching the desired result. After reaching it, it returns to the old customs and, consequently, to the old weight too – accordion effect ”.  In addition, nutritionist Ivana Cobe, from 5S Healthy Lifestyle, states that radical diets are not considered healthy, given that they usually restrict many foods to ensure rapid weight loss, causing a deficit of essential nutrients for functioning. of our organism. With that, the professionals affirm that the best way to conquer the ideal body for the season is to focus on changing habits.

Check out other tips to extend the shape of Summer for life:

Choose a weight loss strategy

Don’t lose weight on your own based on what you read on the internet or inspired by other people’s weight loss process. “Consult a professional in the field before going on crazy diets, intense physical exercises and even using medications. Only the professional will indicate the best strategy for each case ”, explains Edivana.

Change your relationship with food

You may have heard that healthy, balanced eating is essential for weight loss. But it is also important to reframe your relationship with food, paying attention to what you are eating and wondering why you should eat each chosen food. “This way, the patient ends up creating a food conscience and learns to make healthy choices regardless of the occasion, as he will feel pleasure in eating well”, emphasizes nutritionist Ivana.


Bet on physical exercise

It is no secret that the combination of a good diet with physical exercises guarantees not only weight loss, but also a healthy and lighter life. The practice of physical exercises generates properties in the body that provide hormones related to well-being and happiness, in addition to helping in burning fat, facilitating weight loss.

“Exercise options that make you sweat like dances, runs and aerobic exercises are excellent for those who want to lose pounds and have more quality of life”, says the weight loss specialist.


Do not give up!

Every beginning is difficult. Getting used to the mind with the new food choices may seem impossible, but it is important not to give up. A study by Jane Wardle of University College London, published in the European Journal of Social Psychology , says that it takes 66 days to turn an activity into something automatic. “Keep going! The more times a positive behavior is repeated, the more the brain understands the new ‘programming’ and starts to replace old harmful habits



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