Do you want to achieve the long-awaited hypertrophy? Getting the training division right is the first step towards achieving this and other goals in bodybuilding. According to personal trainers Tauá Fernandes and João Carvalho, periodization allows individuality in training and the division is what guarantees the correct muscle stimulation.

Thinking of people who want to understand how some training divisions work, iBahia has prepared a list with the main information about ABC, ABCD and ABCDE training.

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The ideal training plan should take into account the student’s needs. “Limitations, goals, lifestyle (in relation to work, rest, sleep and food) and the frequency of training. A person who attends less at the gym will have a different training than he does every day of the week” , explained Tauá Fernandes.

Personal João Carvalhos explained that ABC training is a very common division in gyms.

How does ABC training work?

ABC training mostly includes multiarticular exercises. The idea is that each muscle group is worked out twice a week. For this, the individual must attend the gym at least six days a week.

Workout A – legs and hips (Monday and Thursday);
Workout B – back and biceps; pulling exercises (Tuesday and Friday);
Training C – chest, triceps and medial deltoid (middle portion of the shoulder); pushing exercises (Wednesday and Saturday).

When following this organization, the muscle groups worked in training A will have two days of rest, which helps in the recovery process and, consequently, in hypertrophy. This logic also applies to the muscles worked in training B and C.

“The ABC model can be made by all individuals as long as the professional makes the necessary adjustments to the student’s needs. For example, if the person goes two or three times in the week it is possible to prescribe the ABC fullbody , with exercises that work the whole body “, added João Carvalho.


According to Tauá Fernandes, the ABCD or ABCDE division allows a greater emphasis on a specific muscle group. “These training approaches will vary the intensity and volume of training. In addition, it will have a longer spacing of rest time.”

Each muscle group will be exercised once a week. “The individual trains submaximal or maximum (close to failure or even failure), with more exercises for a given muscle”.



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