It’s cheap, it doesn’t make millions, but it does well. Find out how to stay in shape without leaving home.

With the summer almost, almost lurking, concerns about fitness and beautiful bodies to show on the beach and, with them, the unrestrained runs to the gyms increase. But gyms are not always accessible to all portfolios, or you may simply not like being locked up in a gym. If this is the case, we have the solution for you. We will leave you some tips to stay in shape at home . Yes, you read well. You will be able to work your body and mind in the comfort of your home.


If you are one of those who think that to stay in shape you really have to sign up for the gym, you are wrong. With the right dose of willingness and dedication, you can also exercise at home and work on your fitness and emotional well-being.

Use your home to exercise

This may sound strange, but you will already realize that it makes sense. Never heard that it is good to climb stairs? Well, there you have your first “sports equipment”, so try to go up and down the stairs. Or use them as a support for doing sit-ups, for example. The result: well-toned legs and well-worked abs. But if you like to dance you can also make your home a dance studio. Basically what we are telling you is to take advantage of the space and strengths of your home. Believe me, just don’t exercise if you don’t want to.

Set up your gym

If you prefer (and if you have space) you can purchase some sports equipment (such as exercise bikes or ellipticals) and exercise at home.

Jump the rope

The only thing you will need is – that’s right – a rope. It doesn’t take up space, it doesn’t cost that much and it’s even fun. And the best part is that it will burn a lot of calories and tone a lot of muscles.

Get in shape with 7 minutes of daily exercise

Everything you will need: the floor of your home, a wall and a chair. All thanks to High Intensity Circuit Training , an intensive workout that combines aerobics, resistance and strength exercises and in which each exercise lasts for 30 seconds. Simple and effective. And this is not the only one: a quick search on the internet and you will find a multitude of workouts that you can do at home.

Take advantage of mobile applications

Want a Personal Trainer? Think about your phone or tablet. You can take advantage of the mobile applications at your disposal that give you several tips for getting in shape. Not only do they present you with daily training programs with exercises that you can perfectly do at home, but they also give you tips for a good diet. There is no shortage of choice, many of them are free and cover several modalities. A simple way to stay in shape without having to spend more money on gyms.


And hello beach! As we said at the beginning, with a good dose of willpower and dedication you will get in shape quickly and in the comfort of your home. But if you prefer to exercise outdoors, you can – and should – do it too. A good run or walk will work miracles.