Losing belly seems like a very arduous task and sometimes even impossible. Abdominal fat, the famous bar, is the part of the body that most bothers those who started a weight loss program or went back to the gym. The results appear all over the body, but the belly is always the last and most difficult to lose.

This is often because you don’t even realize that just the 300 sit-ups you are doing is not enough. You need more. So we prepared 15 tips to help you in this arduous task, but very rewarding to lose that little tummy that bothers you and to walk around showing a beautiful and healthy body

Keep your heart high

Cardiovascular exercises, aerobic, burn 67% more calories than strength exercises. Try sports like swimming , jogging or even programs with shorter breaks at the gym . This keeps your heart “in full swing”, which is the best way to burn your belly.

Increase fiber consumption

Fiber helps cleanse your body before fat is absorbed. For every 10 mg of fiber consumed daily, your body absorbs about 4% less fat. Excellent sources of fiber are fruits and vegetables and some types of cereals.

Avoid animal fats, red meats and sausages

Animal fats such as those found in red meats besides helping to accumulate fat in the belly, also contribute to the accumulation of fats within your veins because they are full of LDL or bad cholesterol, which also causes increased blood pressure and heart problems and vascular. Try to consume these foods only a few times a month and in small quantities and replace them with fish, poultry or eggs. The Mediterranean diet can help with some tips on dishes and combinations.

Animal fats are enemies of the healed belly. Prefer fish, poultry and eggs as a protein source.

Avoid salt

Ingesting too much salt can make you retain too much fluid which keeps you bloated. So try to replace salt with herbs like oregano, peppers like pepperoni and lemon, as well as other herbs and peppers. This is a very healthy and tasty alternative to season your food.

Small housekeeping

Keeping the house organized is no easy task, but you can combine business with pleasure and still exercise. Sweeping or vacuuming the home can be a great exercise for your abdomen, especially if you keep it tight during the process. For those who have no alternative but to do the housework yourself, know that this has benefits, not just financial ones.

Simple sit-ups at home

You can do sets of sit-ups at home in your spare time. One of them can be lying on your back, extend your arms and let your palms down. Lift both legs and form a 90 degree angle with your abdomen. Then stretch one leg at a time towards the floor. Repeat 20 times. Do 3 sets of 20 reps.

Avocados are a good choice

Avocados are rich in monosaturated fatty acids that help control blood sugar spikes which aid in the loss of abdominal fat. They should be placed into your diet carefully as they are very caloric.

Forget the sodas

Soft drinks are a poison to your belly and also to your entire body. They are impregnated with sugars and other preservatives that are only harmful to your health. Prefer sparkling water or iced teas and natural juices.

Losing belly and alcohol don’t match

Excessive alcohol raises your cortisol levels, which directs fat to your belly. Consume alcohol in moderation (no more than 250ml for men and 125ml for women) and you will notice the difference.

Eat sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are also rich in monounsaturated fatty acids. They are easy to put in your diet and can be a complement to salads, for example.

Tighten the belly

Tightening your belly while walking or doing everyday actions can help to tighten your abdominal muscles.


Being well hydrated keeps your entire body functioning properly. To give you an idea, the loss of 1 to 2% of the total volume of blood can already constitute a condition of dehydration. So drink plenty of water, before-during-after exercise and whenever you can. This will help you stay healthy and still lose belly.

Stay less seated

Just standing up causes you to spend twice as many calories as sitting. In addition to helping you lose belly, it will also prevent several problems that sitting too much can bring .

Breathe deeply

The deep breathing is a technique where you fill your belly when you breathe, making more room for air to enter and fill the entire lung. The more air entering, the more air in your blood and the more your cells function well. In addition to bringing you calm and relaxation, this change in the way you breathe will demand a lot from your belly, which can help keep you in shape.

Avoid spending too much time without eating to lose belly

When you go a long time without eating, you tend to eat more, that is, ingest more calories which will contribute to your tummy. Insert fast snacks mainly based on fruits and whole grains into your diet. Nuts combined with fruit are a good choice. Another may be bread, tomatoes and cheese seasoned with oregano, red pepper, lemon and olive oil (a kind of quick bruschetta ). This way you cover all food groups, avoid salt and saturated and hydrogenated fats.

Losing belly is easy, it is a combination of strength and aerobic exercises with a balanced diet.

Keeping fit with your belly is a combination of healthy habits. Just working out desperately is no use. Physical exercises are a fundamental part of the fight against the belly, but they must be alternated between strength and aerobic and also combined with food, because it is useless to spend if you still keep consuming a lot more calories.



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