Did you overreact at supper? See 15 tips to get back in shape for the summer

Everyone wants to improve their lives and have a big body to show around, but few people are involved in the “project”, right? Especially when summer is approaching. Taking better care of your health, practicing physical activities and getting in shape are always some of the promises of early summer for many people, but doing it in practice ends up being more difficult.

To help you put your plans into action and maintain focus and discipline, Eduardo Netto, technical director of the Bodytech academy chain, has created a list of sure tips. Check out the professional’s ideas for keeping fit by changing and adopting new habits:

1) Time : Saying you don’t have time to exercise is an excuse. Set priorities: mark the training time on the agenda as if it were a work appointment;

2) Habit : In the first weeks you need to force yourself to follow a pre-established program;

3) Keep the new behavior : Follow the same routine and train at the same time of the day – make changes to the schedule only after three months, otherwise the risk of abandoning the routine is greatly increased. Once the habit is established, you can have a little more flexibility in your schedule;

4) Sleep earlier and enjoy your night’s sleep more . Consequently, you will be able to wake up earlier, eat better and gradually start adding a physical exercise routine, whether in the morning, at lunchtime or at night;

5) Set aside at least 30 minutes of your day , which should be dedicated to improving your fitness;

6) Planning : Including physical activity on the agenda depends on good planning. Check in advance the time of day that you know is usually available;

7) When you hit that laziness and lack of motivation, go to the gym even if it is to talk , exchange ideas and see friends. The important thing is that the training schedule becomes a habit;

8) Change your workouts and exercise routine : Your body needs new challenges and so does your mind. Try a different stimulus, try to practice different, fun and challenging activities;

9)  Try Cross Training, a combination of aerobic and strength training. Instead of running on the treadmill continuously for 30, 40 minutes, consider running for just 15 minutes and then perform strength exercises in the weight room before returning to the treadmill again;

10) Enjoy your favorite soundtrack : Music is a fantastic motivator and has a positive effect on the brain: it makes your emotions respond favorably to exercise;

11) Find a physical activity that provides you with some kind of pleasure and challenge ;

12) Wake up early : Sleep is very important for your health, but waking up 30 minutes before you are used to exercising is worth the sacrifice;

13) Keep a healthy diet : Keep only nutritious food in the refrigerator and avoid buying products that may harm your diet;

14) The acquisition of the habit of exercising exercises brings us countless benefits : regulation of appetite, increase of the disposition, energy and, perhaps, the greatest benefit of all, the guarantee of accomplished duty;

15) Think positive: Be prepared for possible barriers and difficulties : Always have support in case you fail. Something unexpected can happen that changes plans and diverts us from our goals. Being aware of this will allow you to accept these disorders as part of the path and make life flow in the right direction.



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