There are people who only think about getting in shape with the arrival of summer and then there is that confusion because there are many options for exercising.
Although many have already written on the subject, I think that to get in shape quickly two things are very important. First, do activities that you enjoy doing and finally try to simplify your exercise program as much as possible. Simplify, in the sense of creating a routine that has the least possible difficulties for you to exercise.
Throughout my life as an athlete and sports trainer, I realized some things that help a lot when getting in or staying in shape, so I decided to write this article to share some of the main points to help you improve your physical condition, not only for the summer, but for the rest of your life.

  1. Your felling is always more important . It is very good to record and monitor your activities, so we are able to measure our progress during the training program, but do not stick to the data. Many are not able to go out to train if they run out of battery in their garmin, or even force themselves to go out to train hard just because the training worksheet stipulates strong training. Over the years I have realized that there is nothing more important than reading the body’s signals and adjusting training when necessary. If you are feeling tired, there is nothing wrong with resting.
  2. Try to perform exercises that work more muscles . It’s okay to do exercises for just 1 muscle. But when you have little time, it is better to choose exercises that work several muscles at the same time, so you can stimulate the muscles in less time. My favorite exercises are squats, barbells, push-ups and sit-ups using the Swiss ball.
  3. The important thing is to keep me in shape for life . As simple as your physical activity routine is, avoiding complete inactivity helps you a lot in the aging process.
  4. You are what you eat . If you only eat fat and crap, you will have a fat body and will have a very crappy sports performance. Try to avoid sugar, and fat. The more natural and less processed the food is, the better. If you don’t know where to start to eat better, I recommend reading The Outdoor Food Tips .
  5. The holidays are great for you to get in shape . Despite all the holidays and family commitments at the end of the year, if you have a break from work, use it to play more sports.
  6. Focus on your difficulties . For multi-sport athletes, triathletes, adventure runners or just people who train more than one sport, it is important to take the time to remedy your difficulties. If you are a triathlete and not bad, how about slowing down the pace of other sports for a period and doing a swimming intensive? If you are bad at uphill, how about intensifying your sudden training. This way, you allow a constant development of your physical form, in addition to promoting a little more variety in your training program.
  7. Resting is also part . Not that I can’t survive on little sleep, but when I’m sleeping more than 7 hours a night, the quality of my training (and my work) improves a lot.
  8. Train with other people . I love to train alone, but from time to time I try to train with stronger people to develop and stimulate myself.
  9. Try to do other sports . After years of doing the same activity, your body gets used to it and the effort and stimulation to the body is not the same. Skate and slackline helped a lot in the development of my Mountain Bike. Pilates helped develop my swimming and Yoga helped my running a lot. Try other activities and be amazed at what they can do with your fitness.
  10. Train in the morning: Training in the morning, allows you not to miss training. Training at the beginning of your day, the chances of an unforeseen event and you losing your training are less.